The Col Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table was organized in September of
2003 as a New Jersey Non-profit corporation. The purpose of the Round Table
is to gather together people who have an interest in the American Civil War. The
group holds it's meetings on the third Tuesday of the month, with no meetings in
June, July, August and December. The meetings are held in the Meeting Room
of Bristol Glen, on RT. 206, South of Newton N.J.  At it's monthly meetings the
group discusses and studies all aspects of the War's history, including the
causes, battles, Southern and Northern political ideology and prominent
participants. It's goal is to promote and further stimulate interest in all aspects
and phases of the Civil War period, with an emphasis on the contributions of the
State of New Jersey.

Membership levels per year are: Full Member $25,  Family Membership $40 (all
members of a family including children up to the age of 21 still living at home).  
Voting members must be at least 18 years of age to vote. Also a Life
Membership is available for a one time fee of $150. The membership year runs
from July 1st  to June 30th of the next year.
The Col Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table
About Us
CDV of Col. Ryerson
May 25th, 2009. Memorial Day service. Round Table President
Jennifer Brylinski, at the grave of Col Henry Ryerson. Located in the
Old Newton Cemetery.
Photo courtesy of Round Table member Skip Harrison.
Oct. 27th, 2012 tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Led by Battlefield Tour Guide Deb Novotny.
Photo courtesy of Round Table member Shara Nguyen.
Members Skip & Rita Harrison meet General and Mrs. Lee
at the Gettysburg Battlefield. May, 5 2013
The Col Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table would like to recognize the following members for becoming
                                          "Life Time Members" :

            Ron Keller- 2005                        Jack Decker- 2006
            Judy Massardo- July 2007          Richard Pasvolsky - July 2007
            Paul Checkur - July 2007            Mary Christman - April 2008
            Lee Lowell - 2008                       Michael Foster - August 2011
            Sallie Tullis dsBarcza - 2013       Albert H Stovall- 2016
            James Rawson - Sept. - 2016     Dr. Brad Gottfried - 2019
            Bill Etzkorn - 201

                                              We Thank You For Your Support!
Dr. Peter Lubrecht, Chairman of our Round Table Board
of Trustees, as General Carl Schurz