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                                          April 20, 2021

Greetings and Welcome to our April Meeting!

From: Jennifer CS Brylinski, Round Table President

Info about the April Meeting
Meeting  Date:  Tuesday, April 20, 2021.
Time:  7:30 P.M
Place:  Sussex County Community College, College Hill Road, Newton, NJ.  Performing Arts
Center in the Atrium Room.

Come and enjoy the April Meeting of the Colonel Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table on April 20,
2021, 7:30 pm, at the Sussex County Community College (SCCC), Performing Arts Center (PAC), College
Hill Road, Newton, New Jersey, in the Atrium.  Elevator available. Admission is free, donations appreciated.

Though we will be abiding by the COVID regulations as required by the SCCC,which includes chairs set at
appropriate distances, we have been advised to bring along our masks.  These requirements will be
amended at the appropriate times in the future.

Now, more about our April presentation:

“Over Coming Obstacles – The Response of the U.S. Army Medical Service to the War of the
Rebellion,” a presentation by Jason Dilts.

This program will explore the growth of the Medical Service in direct relation to the War of the Rebellion and
the need for improvements.  It will review the achievements and failures of the service and take a look at the
service based on documented statistics.

Our speaker, Jason Dilts, has been an American Civil War Medicine Living Historian for about six years
where he has held the rank of Major Chief Surgeon of the Union Volunteer Brigade.  He has also been the
chief surgeon of the 27th New Jersey Volunteers – Field Hospital and The Detachment U.S. Engineers,
which is part of Historical Impressions of America, Inc.  The programs he developed and presents have
been based on the simple facts based on solid research with primary sources.  He has especially enjoyed
the administrative aspect of the Medical Service of the Army during the War.

Outside of his passion for the Medical Service of the American Civil War, he has been a volunteer with the
Franklin Township Fire Department for the past twenty five years.  He enjoys model railroading and
traveling.  He is currently in his second career working for the County of Somerset Road and Bridge
Division.  Prior to that he worked as an EMT retiring after twenty five  years of field service.

Jason will also bring a selection of medical objects as a display.

The Colonel Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table provides educational programs, tours, and fellowship
for individuals interested in the Civil War Era.Meetings are free and open to the public.  Donations are
always appreciated!For more information, please call Jennifer at 201-320-5989 during the day, orcheck
out the Round Table’s website at

The Upcoming Civil War Round Table Season:

May 1, 2021
– Brad Gottfried, Spring Tour, “A Walking Tour through Gettysburg.” (See info below)

May 18, 2021 - Dinner Meeting, Jay Jorgensen, “The Battle of Shiloh”.  To beheld at the Lafayette House, 6
p.m. to 10 p.m

Our Spring Tour is On!!!

The Town of Gettysburg's Rich History: A Walking Tour

Our Spring Tour this year will take place on Saturday, May 1, at 10 A.M.  Mark your calendars!   Make your room
reservations now!  May gets busy in Gettysburg!

Join Brad Gottfried (a Gettysburg Licensed Town Guide) on a walking tour of Gettysburg. Most come to the town for
the battlefield, but they don't realize the town's history is just as interesting. During this three-hour tour (broken in half
by a lunch break) we will discuss the following: how the town was formed, how the civilians survived the battle, fighting
in the streets, Lincoln's visit, Eisenhower and Kennedy at Gettysburg, mysteries pertaining to the town, the African
American experience, and much more. You will learn more about unforgettable figures, such as Basil Biggs, Mary
McAllister, Eddie Plank, Mag Palm, and Daniel Skelly.

We will meet by the Gettysburg Transit Center on Carlisle Street one block north of the Square on the right (across
the tracks from the Lincoln Diner and Lincoln Train Station), which has public restrooms. The pace will be “easy” and
we will sit periodically. After the tour, you will say “come for the battle, but stay for the town!”

Though the Round Table will pick up the cost for our guide – you are on your own for transportation, meals, and
accommodations.  Suggestion:  Wear good walking shoes and bring water, drinks, snacks and/or lunch for the tour
which should last about 3 hours.

Additionally, under the current circumstances, it will be expected that each participant come with a mask in case we
cannot maintain the 6-foot social distancing rule. Thanks for your understanding!

So, make your room reservations now and come along and enjoy this sure to be fun filled spring day with your Civil
War enthusiast friends from the Round Table!  For more info, please contact Jennifer during the day at 201-320-