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Bristol Glen (Methodist Senior Community) is located on the south edge of Newton, on
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of St. Joseph’s Cemetery (or if you are coming north on Route 206 it is 3/10 of a mile
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Warm greetings to all our members and friends as we start off our 2017 – 2018 season of
Round Table meetings!  Anyone with any ideas or suggestions to even further improve
our get-togethers, please contact me or any of the Board members.  We would love to
hear from you! A special THANKS goes out to everyone who has supported our
endeavor with dues and donations!  We plan to continue making each season as
interesting, entertaining, and thought provoking as possible!

See you next Tuesday!!!

From Jennifer CS Brylinski, Round Table President

Info about the
October Meeting.

Meeting Date:  Tuesday,
October 17, 2017

Time:  7:30 PM

Place:  Bristol Glen, Newton, New Jersey

The Colonel Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table is pleased to present an entertaining
evening with Dr. Heidi Weber as she talks about the “Through Their Own Eyes:  Soldiers
and Civilians in South Carolina, 1865.”

Come listen to the fascinating story of what it was like for both the soldier and the civilian
living in South Carolina where Sherman’s troops wrought destruction even worse than in
Georgia – because many of his men bore a grudge against the State and its citizens, who
they blamed for starting the war.  Despite South Carolina's important role in the start of
the war, and a long unsuccessful attempt to take Charleston from 1863 onward, few
military engagements occurred within the state's borders until 1865, when Sherman’s
Army, having already completed its March to the Sea in Savannah, marched to Columbia
and leveled most of the town, as well as a number of towns along the way and afterward.
South Carolina lost 12,922 men to the war, 23% of its male white population of fighting
age, and the highest percentage of any state in the nation.

Dr. Heidi Weber is an associate professor of military history/history at State University of
New York Orange.  In addition to teaching courses, she serves on various committees
and is currently setting up a Holocaust Remembrance center on campus.  

Heidi earned her Ph.D. from Kent State University in American Military history.  Her
specialty is the application of total warfare in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina
in 1864-1865.   She was also selected as a Fellow in the United States Military Academy
Summer Seminar in Military History.

Heidi is a member of the Newton Rotary Club, serves on the Foundation Board of
SCARC and is a Trustee of the Dennis Memorial Library.  She is also the Chairwoman of
the Sussex County College Board of Trustees search committee.  In addition, Heidi is
involved in many historical organizations, has published various articles, book reviews,
and has been on the Discovery Channel.

The Colonel Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table provides educational programs,
tours, and fellowship for individuals interested in the Civil War Era.  Meetings are free
and open to the public.  For more information please call Jennifer at 973-948-4724 during
the day, or check out the Round Table’s website at

The Colonel Henry Ryerson Civil War Round Table, now in it's Fourteenth year, provides
educational programs, tours and fellowship for individuals interested in

The Upcoming Civil War Round Table Season:

Fall Tour – Oct 14, 2017, Gettysburg, Tour Guide Stuart Dempsey – “The XI Corps at
Gettysburg.”  10 A.M.  Meet on Oak Hill by the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.   More info
to follow.

November 21, 2017 – Speaker: Charles Maraziti, "Corporal Charles F Hopkins:
Andersonville Survivor, Medal of Honor Recipent, Boonton, NJ Resident.

December - No meeting.