Info about the April Meeting

Meeting Date:  Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time:  7:00 P.M. (Promptly!) until 8:20 P.M.

Place:  Sussex County Main Library, 125 Morris Turnpike, Route 655, Newton, NJ.
Library Telephone 973-948-3660 (adjacent to the Homestead Health Care Center).

APRIL PRESENTATION: The Experiences of Georgia’s Women in the Wake of
General Sherman’s Armies – by Heidi Weber, Ph.D.

During the course of the War of the Rebellion, Generals William Sherman and
Ulysses Grant ascertained that one of the paths to victory was to take the war to
the Southern people.  As the tide slowly started to turn in favor of the Union
forces, a plan was devised for Sherman to follow this course and bring the war to
the home front.  Here, the forces traveled through Georgia and the Carolinas,
while living off the land and destroying what was in their path.  Those who
suffered the wrath of these Union forces were primarily the women, who were left
behind while their husbands, fathers and sons were off fighting.  The women of
Georgia were the first to bear the brunt of this campaign.  These Georgia women
provided vivid accounts in their diaries and letters of their encounters with the
Union troops, positive and negative, as well as the devastation with which they
were faced.  

This presentation will focus upon the writings of various Georgia women of all
social strata who lived on the